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tooth-moving is a great time to invite Tooth fairy ... Sometimes, however, cloves hidden under the pillow, dying, and there is a possibility that Zębuszka not be able to find them. Jack N'Jill brand like no one else understands everything related to oral hygiene early, so created Zębuszka - guardian of milk teeth!

With its perfectly localized pocket, "suckling" Kid's cushion will not be lost in the abyss, and fairy Zębuszka will go to him flawlessly and leave the Pewo wonderful gift.

is made from safe materials non-toxic to the baby. It is sewn from organic cotton, does not have any buttons, buckles like. Elements that can be dangerous for the child.

Manual Zębuszka:

1. Insert a clove into the back pockets of localized Zębuszka

2. Bedtime hide Zębuszka carefully together with the tooth under the pillow (you can write a very short note to the Tooth fairy, it will certainly be very nice)

3. In the morning (remember to wait until sunrise), check if the fairy visited you that night.

Designed for children over 3 years of age.

Zębuszek possible to choose six formulas: Hippo, bunny, koala, DINO, TiCl buzz


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Jack N 'Jill Zębuszek DINO

Jack N 'Jill Zębuszek DINO

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