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and compress the cooling water bottle - cuddly rabbit with two cartridges. Thermo Bunny is a friend what your child has not yet taken. Tickle, cuddle and will help in every need.

Thermo Bunny toy version, this delectable przytulak made from ultra-soft Velvetu, who lives in a convenient box.? Our Thermo Bunny received a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. opinion: OP-4935 31.05.2020r.Gdy important to your child needs heat, Thermo Bunny burns up to help. Simply insert the cartridge into his belly in pink. Bunny then becomes the greatest, cieplutkim (54 degrees) hot water bottle that:?

-helps when the belly is restless

- alleviates the symptoms of colic

- pleasantly warms your baby during the colder days or longer walks

- does not irritate and does not burn the delicate skin of the child

The cartridge is reusable. You can have it always with you and use when a child needs a warm relief.? Second nature przytulaka Thermo Bunny is cold. When you put his tummy cooled in the freezer contribution to the insane color sapphire, bunny turns into a frosty helper that:

- cooled broken Interest

- helps during gorączkowania, bringing a pleasant coolness

- makes the baby quickly forget about their ailments

- used to wrap

- is not as bad as, for example, a wet towel Remember!

Whenever you need heat or cold, the contribution must be in the belly of Thermo Bunny. Never use cartridges directly on the baby's skin. To prevent loss contribution wszyliśmy bunny in the middle of a secret pocket. Do not hesitate to use it! If I search the box, you will find - in addition to the thermal przytulaka and contributions - rustling blanket with a tape with intricate fringe.

This is the so-called favorite blanket rabbit. Fun Pad, developing your child's sensory sensitivity. At the end of yet Magnetizing curiosity - in the legs Thermo Bunny hid tiny magnets that could well cling to the railing beds, refrigerator door or other interesting places. Thermo Bunny - 5 utilities (including best friend) in one - bunny Thermo Bunny in his own friendly person - his or her individual box - crib - the contribution of warm love - hot water bottle - the contribution of cold reason - compress cooling - irreplaceable blanket Fun Pad - just as friendly, which its owner is a nice making friends! The product should be administered under the care of a parent.

Information on the use of contributions (cooling compress, warmer - it is non-toxic and does not cause allergies).

How to use a cooling compress?

In order to be cool for two hours before surgery to put a compress to the refrigerator. After removing from the refrigerator dry compress. Used in conjunction with the case. Put on the sick areas of the body. The first treatment should not last longer than 10 minutes. Swabs can be used repeatedly. After use, wash under running water, dry and ready for use. Compress protect against puncture. Do not use the pad at the tightness disturbed.

Contraindications: Local thaw disorders of blood flow; do not use on irritated or injured skin.

How to use the heater?

to activate the heater must be bent ( not break ) disposed inside the "activator." Repeat until the start of crystallization. When all the filling will already be warm, soft knead heater in the hands.

The method of reprocessing: Place the heater into a pot of hot water and cooked for 10 minutes ok.6- completely dissolution of the crystals. Cool to room temp.. Protect the heater from scratches and puncture, do not use the airtightness disturbed.

Note! Prior to the use, read the instructions on the package.

Dimensions cuddly Thermo bunny about 23 cm (length. Given without plugs)

The size of the heater (sodium acetate trihydrate food E 262 (this is the component that is used in food products)): 120x85 mm

The dimensions of the compress refrigerant (glycerol crop pharmaceutical approved for food (E422)): 120x85 mm


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