Matchstick Mini Pink Monkey Teether massage


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Massaging Teether Matchstick Mini Monkey is a complete solution to the problem of teething Infants.

Bunk irritation associated with serrations.

ANTI product allergic


A toy intended for children from birth

Material certificates:

friendly product srodowsku matchstick Monkey safe for infants

Monkey Chews Matchstick Mini is a complete solution oral hygiene Infants.

On the back of the head, monkey has a soft silicone mini brush for massaging the gums, on which we can impose soothing gel.

Wesoly 3D shape of monkeys will encourage every child to have fun.

Mini Monkey Chews matchstick in each Maluszka arouses interest in their appearance, color, texture soft touch material and intriguing spatial elements which are ideal to study the mouth.

As matchstick Monkey chews are made of silicone does not contain harmful substances contained in petroleum-derived plastics.

Aware that chews based on raktyfikatach oil are not 100% indifferent to the health of Infants and talk about all plastics petroleum used in the market today, even those authorized labeled BPA free products Matchstick Monkey were based on silicone grocery characterized by biocompatibility and thus hypo-allergenic properties.

In addition, the material of the matchstick Monkeys are eco-friendly and has FDA [agency of the Federal Food and Drug].

in short, safe and non-allergic.

Thanks to this is safe for children.

Soft silicone ideally suited for relieving teething rozpulchnionych dziaselek.

The spatial form of the massage roller bit causes the Maluszek there is a plurality of different curvatures and hardness.

The size was ideally suited to small hands so that they could quickly capture, from any position, this Teether.

On the back of the head of monkeys there are soft to the touch, very soft silicone brush.

Thanks to this we can specify Maluszkowi cooling gels as well as at a later period toothpaste.

Ideal as a first brush brushing science and learning oral hygiene habits

can be fastened to bed, wheelchair or a car seat.

dimensions: 10 x 7.7 x 1 cm

By properly adapted form chews matchstick Monkey can enhance blood circulation in the gums during the teething thanks to which soothe pain and D.

fun addition matchstick Mini Monkey Babies preparing for subsequent self-cleaning teeth szczoteczko teething Matchstik Monkey.

Matchstick Mini Monkey Chews:

  • berth during teething
  • assist in brain development
  • help you correctly the development of jaw and molars
  • stimulate the development of correct occlusion


  • 1. teether - Phase 1
  • 2. massaging brush - phase 2

The product is available in 8 colors

  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • blue
  • green / mint
  • red / raspberry
  • bright blue sky
  • Orange
  • pink


  • can be washed in the dishwasher
  • before the first use, rinse with warm water and mild soap
  • before each use, inspect the state of the roller bit
  • If you experience delamination or nadlamania teether Discard


  • The product can be used only under the supervision of an adult
  • Never leave the roller bit at insolation (the direct propagation of solar), direct heat or fluids or devices disinfectants longer than indicated (in the description of fluid or device), as this may result in impairment of the roller bit and in extreme cases the damage.
  • Before each use, inspect the state of the roller bit, tilting it in every possible direction.
  • should be discarded for any signs of damage or weakening of the material.


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Matchstick Mini Pink Monkey Teether massage

Matchstick Mini Pink Monkey Teether massage

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