Skip Hop Pendant Bandana Buddies Elephant


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Here they are - SKIP HOP's craziest four friends, whose trademark is a bandana-scarf. Meet the BANDANA BUDDIES compatriots - Elephant, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Raccoon, Fox and Lion!
With the colorful BANDANA BUDDIES homie, there's no time for boredom! This multisensory toy inspires children to play independently, full of adventures.

BANDANA BUDDIES impresses with a variety of educational stimuli and quality of workmanship. The animal is sewn from fabulously colorful fabrics of various softness and texture, and a toddler, by touching them, can make individual elements rustle, squeak or ring softly. Each of the countrymen has something special about him. Elephant - funny ears (you can even look at one of them!), Kitten and Raccoon - long whiskers and a tail that you can grab, Dog and Fox with a special pocket for small treasures, Monkey with a cheeky smile and a beautiful mirror , and the Lion with colorful hoops that can be put on the paw of Lion.

BUNDANA BUDDIES quickly make new friends - to break the first ice - by sharing their beloved teethers - bandana and ... a leaf, fish, bone, banana or an apple.

BANDANA BUDDIES can be attached to an educational mat, crib frame, car seat or stroller. Suspended within the reach of their little hands, they will encourage the Children to have great fun and activities also outside the home.

Detailed description:

  • It is a multisensory educational toy designed for the youngest - Children can use it in the first months of their lives
  • It is full of surprises that stimulate the senses of touch, hearing and sight as well as develop motor and manual skills
  • It has various variants of fun
  • Safe teethers are covered with an interesting texture that children also like to examine with their fingers
  • The toy is made of pleasant-to-touch fabrics - soft velor and patterned cotton
  • It is made of high-quality materials, does not contain harmful BPA, phthalates and PVC
  • It has numerous approvals and meets safety standards
  • It can be attached to a pram, cot or car seat
  • Measures approx. 5.7 x 7.6 x 25.5 cm

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Skip Hop Pendant Bandana Buddies Elephant

Skip Hop Pendant Bandana Buddies Elephant


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