EZPZ bowl with silicone pad 2in1 Happy Bowl Gray


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The Happy Bowl of the American brand EZPZ (pronounced izipizi) is a pad and a roomy bowl in one, made of unique silicone.

The innovative silicone pad firmly adheres to the table or other smooth surface on which you put it, so that a small child will not be able to (almost certainly) move it or throw it off. It is quite tall - almost 4 cm - and makes it easy for the baby to learn to eat soups, pasta or other liquid meals on his own. It is suitable for serving both cold and warm dishes.

• The cups are made of a unique food grade silicone - completely safe in contact with food,
• The silicone does not contain BPA, PVC, lead or phthalates,
• Hypoallergenic,
• Antibacterial - no no bacteria, fungi or mold can develop on it,
• It is easy to clean with warm soapy water only. Also dishwasher safe,
• Microwave-safe,
• Oven-safe,
• Pad protects the table from most of the mess your child makes while eating,
• Easy for carrying and storing - 3-4 bowls can be stacked on top of each other,
• A special advantage of EZPZ products is also that they will always look like new - because silicone does not corrode, scratch or discolor - it is so virtually indestructible.

Dimensions: 22.2 x 26 x 3.8 cm
Volume: 235 ml
Material: 100% silicone
Complies with EN14372 and EN71 standards

The EZPZ brand was created in the United States by Lindsey Laurain, mum of three boys. The motto of the EZPZ brand is: "less clutter, more fun", and EZPZ ("easy peasy") itself means "a piece of cake", which reflects the idea of ​​the creator of these innovative products for children.


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EZPZ bowl with silicone pad 2in1 Happy Bowl Gray

EZPZ bowl with silicone pad 2in1 Happy Bowl Gray


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