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EXPLORE educational book & amp; MORE

EXPLORE & amp; MORE is a collection of educational toys designed with the needs of the youngest in mind. Colorful, contrasting, soft or hard, they can be grabbed, pulled, turned over and safely chewed. EXPLORE & amp; MORE intrigue and attract the attention of little ones, providing them with rich sensory stimuli.

We open it, we shake it and we discover it endlessly! As befits a toy from the SKIP HOP EXPLORE & amp; collection MORE - our booklet will be used not only for viewing. It is an educational toy full of surprises that intrigues the baby in many ways - as a colorful book, a soft two-piece puzzle, a rattle and a teether.

It is made of fabulously colored fabrics, of various softness and texture. By touching them, the baby can make its individual elements rustle or squeak. On one of the sides - there is even a mirror in which you can see your reflection.

Each page shows a fragment of a character - by adjusting the head and body - we will build a Hedgehog, Owl and Bee.

The book is easy to grab by the handle filled with colorful beads. Shaking the toy vigorously - we will hear a subtle, rattling sound.

Soft as a cloud! Oh yes! The cloud-shaped teether gently massages the gums, bringing relief in the period of painful teething.

  • It is a multisensory educational toy, designed for the youngest - Children can use it in the first months of their lives
  • It is full of surprises that stimulate the senses of touch, hearing and sight and develop motor and manual skills
  • It intrigues the baby in many ways - as a book to look at, a two-piece soft puzzle, a rattle and a teether The book is made of pleasant-to-touch fabrics, individual pages rustle, squeak or have a built-in safe mirror
  • The pages of the book show animals, the toddler can turn them over, he can match the elements (head and torso) - playing with the book like a puzzle
  • The teether-cloud is covered with an interesting texture, which children also like to examine with their fingers
  • The booklet is easy to hold by the beaded transparent handle, it acts as a rattle
  • The toy is made of high quality material and is BPA, phthalate and PVC free
  • Measures: 19 x 2.5 x 15.25 cm
  • It can be combined with other accessories and toys from the SKIP HOP EXPLORE & amp; series. MORE


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Skip Hop educational booklet Explore & More

Skip Hop educational booklet Explore & More


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