Diaper Muslin 100% BAMBOO LA Millou - SIMPLY Herring


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Soft universal muslin diapers 100% Bamboo is a must have on everyone's list layettes! Bamboo diapers covered with are antibacterial silver microparticles, which provide perfect protection against bacteria and are also resistant > for mold and fungus. Silver particles are used primarily in the medical industry where sterility is extremely important.

Due to the fact that diapers are almost always surrounded by your baby, we make sure that they are hygienic and do not endanger on surrounding bacteria. The diapers are made only of bamboo yarn which is amazingly deli katna and soft to the touch . Bambu fiber owls perfectly absorb moisture and have antibacterial properties. They are useful in every situation: feeding, bouncing, lying down, sheltering from the elephant cem, washing, wiping and many others. 100% bamboo nappies will provide your little one freshness and comfort and you will be comfortable in every situation.

Washing before first use is recommended. The diaper becomes even softer with each wash.

More about the Silver Plus formula.

Silver used in the form of nanoparticles does not sensitize, does not irritate the skin, and has no toxic properties. Metal particles do not get from the fabric to the skin. In addition to the most important action, they are in fighting bacteria, biosta fabric tic (i.e. with the formula Sliver Plus) has other advantages: with it prevents the growth of house dust mites. They do not die completely, but their number does not increase and it is these microscopic spiders ki that are very common cause of allergic symptoms, e.g. dyspnoea, rhinitis, conjunctivitis; s friendly treatment of skin lesions, incl. atopic dermatitis.

Regular sleeping in biostatic cotton (i.e. with the Sliver Plus formula) reduces changes in inflammation and improvement of skin condition n It absorbs odors such as sweat. This is especially important because the Silver Plus Protection formula ensures that even after prolonged use the fabric retains a fresh scent ; n There is static electricity. Reducing the load potential of electrics (especially for d) reduces our irritability and the feeling of chronic fatigue.

Moreover, the most important properties of bamboo cannot be ignored:

3 x A: antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergic
pesticide and pollution free
60% water absorption than regular cotton
self-sterilization (the fabric is 30% self-sterilizing, which gives a feeling of freshness)
neutralization of unpleasant odors (absorbs unpleasant odors and gives off only after washing in water ), Full biodegradability

In selected stationary stores you can get an extra packaging for nappies, the original La Millou jar.

Coloring agents are friendly to humans and the environment, as evidenced by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. The unique advantages of bamboo fabrics have been confirmed by the tests carried out by Passege Cosmetics Labolatory and the Padmed laboratory and the positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. op-4333. >

Dimensions: 120 x 100 cm, (+/- 2cm)


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Diaper Muslin 100% BAMBOO LA Millou - SIMPLY Herring

Diaper Muslin 100% BAMBOO LA Millou - SIMPLY Herring


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