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The socket cots commonly also known as cocoon. Designed for children to give them a more cozy place to sleep. The socket is a child wrapped in soft edges, which gives it a sense of security and protects against wyturlaniem.

The socket is a form of a portable crib for the newborn.

How to use socket?

  • The child in the crib
  • in the cradle
  • in moses basket
  • in the parents' bed
  • in a wheelchair
  • on the couch
  • carpet
  • as a travel cot
  • as a mat to play
  • as changing

The use of sockets is very broad. You can use it to sleep in the parents' bed (baby is safe and parents are confident that will not be crushed), or insert it into a standard infant cribs that in the first months of life to provide your child a more comfortable place to sleep. Perfect for portable crib as well as - in the living room, on the terrace or during travel. Baby lying on the couch in the socket must not be longer leafs cushions - sponge, which is surrounded by the cot protects against wyturlaniem.

The cocoon can also be used as a couch or the first to the mat for a child's play - colorful patterns attract attention Toddler and baby develop senses. The socket is also helpful in learning lying on his tummy and science of keeping the head.

Baby socket is manufactured from high quality Polish cotton. All models in which there is a cot available are specially designed for Sleepee. They attract the child's attention and develop his senses.

The socket is filled with non-allergenic foam that provides your child with an extraordinary softness and comfort. Sewn by hand, with the greatest precision what gives you the confidence that is unique and one of a kind.

Its length and width can be adjusted thanks to the cotton sznureczkowi. The child is less the more he narrows the space by adjusting the strings. Later, the strings can be left completely loose, spread the sides of the socket so that it can serve as a changing table.

As the only on the market has a removable soft mattress, which enables the position of the baby on the carpet underlay without additional components.

The socket can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees without spin.

down in its entirety after removing the mattress, which is on the slider.


The internal length: 70 cm

Internal width of 30 cm



100% high quality cotton with a unique model designed for Sleepee

Cotton and print have the Oeko-Tex 100 Class I


The sides: antiallergic sponge

Mattress: Anti-allergy mattress used in the cot for children


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