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Jellystone Designs is an innovative leader in its industry, creating functional, safe and interesting teethers made of silicone, toys and chewable jewelry.

As an Australian-based and beloved manufacturer of teethers, Jellystone creates their products for babies that use all their senses to explore and understand the amazing world around them.

Products made of 100% silicone are chewable and are specifically designed to help children explore the world and help them and soothe them when everything around them may seem too big and overwhelming. Chewing is a form of learning about the environment for many children, including very young ones.

However, it can also be a way to calm down, also for children with autism spectrum disorders. We work closely with occupational therapists to create products that are safe to chew to soothe the nervous system and enable children to control their emotions on their own.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 15 items