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The motto of the EZPZ brand is: "less clutter, more fun", and EZPZ ("easy peasy") itself means "piece of cake".

The EZPZ brand was created in 2014 in the United States by Lindsey Laurain, a mother of three boys, then under the age of 3. Lindsey and her husband were fed up with the mess the kids made at mealtimes, and they didn't want the time to clean either.
One night, Lindsey's frustrated husband said, "We need a plate that the boys can't pick up or toss!" From then on, Lindsey became involved in creating a product that was to facilitate the preparation and serving of meals for children. This is how the first Happy Mat was created. Today, EZPZ has a rich collection of dishes and cutlery.
The products are oriented towards the development and safety of children. Additionally, the cups and spoons from the Tiny collection were designed in cooperation with Dawn Wilkenmann - a specialist in speech therapy and child nutrition.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 51 items