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Mömbella® is a leading and dynamically developing brand created by a young father for whom the comfort and safety of the baby are the most important. David Guana, based on his ten years of teaching experience, decided in 2013 to create a line of safe toys for children and babies.

The leading product of the Mombella brand is a silicone teether, made of the highest quality materials, safe for our little ones from the first day of life. Mombella brand products are based on many years of research and the experience of well-known and respected pediatricians. The Mombella silicone teether is an extremely safe and comfortable product that relieves the pain of a teething baby. Additionally, a wide range of colors, softness and original form encourage the baby to play.

The Mömbella silicone teether will help your little one get through the teething period with a smile on their face. Products created by David Guan are also a great help for parents. Our silicone teether is designed to be washed in a dishwasher, and by putting it in the freezer, you will give cool relief to your child's sore gums. An undoubted innovation is the resignation from BPA and phthalates, making the silicone teether completely safe.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 47 items