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La Millou is a brand for children and parents who appreciate the quality of products such as blankets, sheets, cones, bags, etc.

La Millou is an extremely colorful land, soft, cuddly and pleasant - exactly the way children love, but only children? After all, who of us would not want to cuddle up to a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric? Although it is a brand that mainly produces children's items, with parents and their important role in mind, it has also created unique products dedicated to adults.

How was La Millou born? From the need to surround yourself with pretty things. While completing the layette for her child, the founder of the brand was bombarded with infantile and kitschy products that did not meet her expectations. He and a friend concluded that they needed to fill the niche and create a company that would meet the requirements of modern parents. And so the idea was born to create a brand offering unique children's items. Currently, the brand's offer includes, among others, bestsellers - Minky blankets and Grandma Dana's hens. But that's not all! The manufacturer offers us various types of pillows and bed sheets, bamboo swaddles, trolley inserts, bags and accessories.

According to the founders of the brand, La Millou means nice, colorful and safe, and it really is. After all, the products are made of pleasant-to-touch fabrics, decorated with a colorful, interesting pattern and have safety certificates. The company was the first to introduce the popular minky blankets, which are currently very popular, it is no wonder, because La Millou blankets are the highest quality and the highest softness. All fabrics from which La Millou products were sewn are made in Poland and have the necessary certificates and approvals, and many of them have received awards or distinctions in competitions as well as a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

Design means something good for everyone. In La Millou, everyone will find something for themselves, there are calm patterns that will love the classics and simplicity, fashionable motifs that will catch the eye of those who like to be up to date, and completely unusual and crazy prints that will be appreciated by fans of originality. Some of the collections were designed by talented actresses and brand ambassadors. Maja Bohosiewicz has created a cheerful collection of unicorns "by Maja Bohosiewicz". Anna Mucha has designed three collections - "by Anna Mucha", "Royal Skulls" and "Bird Radio". Magda Różdżka has created a subtle collection called Meggie Rose, part of which is intended for babies from the Intervention Pre-Adoption Center in Otwock. Kasia Zielińska is the author of the collection "by Kasia Zielińska"

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Showing 1 - 9 of 4627 items