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AppeTEETHERS teethers arouse interest in every baby with their appearance, colors, texture of the material pleasant to the touch and intriguing spatial elements, ideal for mouth examination.

From time immemorial, food has been used to relieve pain during teething. AppeTEETHERS mimics the textures of real food, without the risk of choking with a detached piece.

Made of soft and very durable silicone, providing the optimal amount of pressure on the gums to reduce the pain associated with irritation of the gums during teething.

The size of the AppeTEETHERS is small enough for a child to hold and put in their mouths on their own, but large enough to prevent a child from choking.

By having children of their own, Little Toader owners [including parents] understand the parents' safety concerns about any item they put in their mouth. That is why each of the AppeTEETHERS teethers is made of the highest quality silicone.

Because AppeTEETHERS teethers are made of silicone, they do not contain harmful substances contained in petroleum-based plastics.

Being aware that teethers based on petroleum ractificates are not 100% indifferent to the health of babies, and that we are talking about all petroleum-based plastics currently used on the market, even those approved with the BPA Free label, Little Toadler products are based on food silicone that characterizes biocompatibility and hence hypoallergenic properties.

In addition, the material from which the Little Toader's AppeTEETHERS teethers are made is eco-friendly and has the FDA [US federal food and drug agency] certificate.

All teethers from the AppeTEETHERS line are made of a silicone monolith. This means that there are no holes, deep crevices or porous surfaces in which bacteria can multiply, which makes them easy to clean and hygienic, and prevents detachment.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items